MD Consulting Services Response:

Obviously, every case presents a unique medical fact pattern and then medical theories for the case are developed. Medical/Legal Consultants can help prove up a particular medical theory by contributing their medical opinions as well as providing medical evidence from the literature.

Here is an example. Mr. L. is a 68-year-old retired man who while walking home fell into an approximate 5-foot-deep hole at a construction site in January. There were no fences, warning signs or warning lights indicating there was a hole and the hole was unprotected for passersby. Pictures of the building site showed that the bottom of the hole was dirt and rocks, in addition, the front, back and sides of the hole had exposed rebar. Mr. L. was not found until approximately ten hours after his fall at approximately 8:00 am the next day. When Mr. L was found EMT’s on the scene found Mr. L. hypothermic with a tympanic temperature that registered 16° C or 61° F.

While hospitalized for several injures Mr. L. was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It is important to note Mr. L. had no past history of elevated blood glucose levels prior to his accident nor was his A1C ever elevated. These findings go back several years in his medical records. Our attorney client asked if the onset of diabetes was accident related.

We reviewed the medical records, interviewed the client and then did an extensive review of the medical literature. Based on this comprehensive review we were able to opine in our report of the case that the client’s new onset of diabetes was directly related to the injuries he sustained in the accident and the diabetes was successfully included in the medical damages for the case.

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• Medical Summary Reports for Settlement Letters
• IME Observation & IME Rebuttal Reports
• Reports Answering Specific Medical Questions
• Standard of Care Reviews
• Liaison with Treating Doctors
• Help with Strategies to Promote Medical Theories
• Interpretation of Meaning, or lack thereof, of Medical Reports & Records
• Independent Record Reviews
• Assessment of Case Validity Regarding Medical Issues
• Referral to Expert Medical Witnesses
• Medical Research
• Facilitation of Communication with Clients, Families, Professionals and Service
& Governmental Agencies
• Case Coordination
• Deposition & Trial Question Preparation
• Table-side Deposition & Trial Assistance

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