Physician Legal Consulting , Physicians helping attorneys helping people Physicians Helping Attorneys Helping People™ Physician Legal Consulting , Physicians helping attorneys helping people Get outstanding support in all medical matters by using our resources to help you prepare for every medical case. Medical Expertise Higher Case Value Less Attorney Time Affordable Medical Research

Free up attorney time and increase case value by using our affordable physician-led, evidence-based medical consulting and research.

As a matter of routine, all medical cases should be carefully reviewed by a physician. We specialize in pre-trial/pre-litigation medical consulting to attorneys while keeping your case on budget.

Our team of medical doctors provide:

Review of Case Validity and Value
Medical Summary Reports
Interpretation of Meaning, or Lack thereof, of Medical Reports & Records
IME Observation & Rebuttal Reports
Answers to Specific Medical Questions in Cases
Standard of Care Reviews
Medical Case Coordination
Determination of Future Medical Care and Costs
Assessment of Causation
Referral to Appropriate Medical Experts
Liaison to Treating Doctors
Medical Research and Delivery of Medical Journal Articles
Facilitation of Communication Between all Entities
Independent Record Reviews
Help Developing Medical Theories
Deposition & Court Assistance: Table-side or Question Preparation

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