David Alcindor, MD, Physical Legal Consultant

Dr. David Alcindor consults to attorneys in pre-litigation/pre-trial phases regarding any medical issues encountered in their client’s criminal, personal injury, or workers’ compensation cases.

Dr. Alcindor brings an array of medical experience and professional contacts of specialty-trained physicians and surgeons with whom he can consult, should he feel that the case would be best served by a particular specialist.

Through 20 years of combined experience in community-based emergency departments in the U.S. and military facilities abroad, Dr. Alcindor has diagnosed and treated a wide variety of medical cases. These cases have included life-threatening medical emergencies, such as strokes, heart attacks, motor vehicle traumas, personal, work and war-related injuries, as well as children and elderly victims of assault, neglect and abuse. In 2020 and 2021, Dr. Alcindor worked as Medical Director of a hybrid emergency and in-patient department where CoVID-19 cases had been reported as one of the highest numbers in the state of Colorado.

His military experience included Officer Training School, medical expeditionary preparedness, screening and treating  pre-deployment medical cases while in the U.S., and managing wounded and killed military personnel while on his deployment in the Middle East as a medical officer. Dr. Alcindor acted as Medical Director of Life Support Services during his clinical times at the 22nd Medical Group at McConnel Air Force Base, Wichita, Kansas.

Following his voluntary military services, Dr. Alcindor turned his interest towards treating life-threatening emergencies in remote and underserved areas in rural America. He directed emergency departments ensuring that standard of care in heart attack, stroke and trauma protocols were maintained, trained and educated emergency staff and first-responders. In addition to helping medical personnel, Dr. Alcindor started to offer medical education and opinion to attorneys, families and victims when asked to consult on medical theories in legal cases.

Dr. David Alcindor maintains an active medical license and continues to hone his clinical skills as an emergency department physician across the U.S. He also maintains certification in Advance Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support. Most recently, Dr. Alcindor sought further training in forensic toxicology to add to his medical legal consulting services.